Hope Consulting has performed hundreds of Small Lot Surveys such as small platted subdivision lots. We have numerous original subdivision plans on file and a lot of experience in dealing with these potentially complicated types of surveys. Our records from past surveys and our large collection of other surveyors’ records provide us with a basis of thousands of Small Lot Surveys.

The majority of the old small lots in Arkansas were not laid out and monumented according to the standards surveyors adhere to now. The surveying process is similar to a Boundary Survey. Usually several adjacent lots will also need to be researched and surveyed in order to complete an accurate and reliable survey.

Often a Small Lot Survey is needed when the boundaries or deeds are not clear, when building additions, a fence or other improvements, or neighbors are encroaching. The results of a Small Lot Survey is similar to a Boundary Survey. Usually a Small Lot Survey shows all buildings and improvements.