Hope Consulting specializes in performing top quality Boundary Surveys for all types of land owners. A typical Boundary Survey usually ranges between one half acre to more than twenty acres. Usually a client requests a Boundary Survey for the following reasons: buying or selling, to determine acreage, and or to define and confirm boundary lines and or corners, known as Retracement Surveys. Boundary Surveys are performed according to the Arkansas State Minimum Standards

The first step to complete a Boundary Survey is a comprehensive research phase. This includes a deed study of the parcel being surveyed, and that of your abutters, sometimes going back in time to determine the creation of each boundary line. Field work is the second step, which involves locating key physical boundary evidence such as corner monuments, and boundary line evidence. Also, improvements, roads and other physical features are located. Then office calculations are performed on the information gathered during the field work and matched with an analysis and comparison with the information found during the research phase.

The results of a Boundary Survey include: a Boundary Survey Plat prepared for the customer and for the purpose of recording in the State Surveyors Office. Monuments, set at pertinent locations, being previously unmarked corners. A written Legal Description, describing the property bounds in words.