Lot consolidation plats or Replats are surveys of multiple parcels of land that are adjacent to each other, owned by the same person and that person wants to combine them into one parcel of land. This is a fairly simple process in most cases. But the land owner in most cases will need to have a professional land surveyor perform the field work on the parcels first to determine the exact dimensions of the land boundaries in question. Once the field survey is completed by a professional surveyor, a plat is drawn. This plat indicates the original parcels and the “new” combined parcel of land.

Lot consolidation plats can be applied for by individual land owners, as well as professional developers and builders. Getting the right amount of land is sometimes a difficult matter, which is why some land owners will buy multiple parcels and then seek a consolidation plat to combine them into one property for easy identification and property record purposes. Without a professional land surveyor like Hope Consulting, the entire process would not be successful or possible. Land owners always need to ensure that they have a reputable and experienced professional land surveyor to survey to aid them in the lot consolidation process.