Prior to making a large investment into a piece of land, it is important to determine if the piece of land is going to fit your needs. Sometimes a piece of land may look like it can be developed but depending on site constraints and local, state, and federal regulations you may not be able to use the land to the extent that you may think. We offer planning services that will give you a better idea as to how much of a property is actual usable land for development and the cost of developing.

Whether you are looking to buy a piece of property to construct a new office, build a restaurant, subdivide a property into multiple lots, or simply build an addition on your current property, we can help you determine the feasibility of whatever your idea may be. During the planning stages of a development or construction project, our office investigates the feasibility of the project with regard to local, state, and federal land use regulations and site concerns. Our office will then create a feasibility layout plan for your project and then meet with you to discuss any potential site issues and concerns that may impact or delay your project.

It is our familiarity with local wetland, zoning, health, and planning regulations and commissions that allows us to give our clients a good idea as to just how much they can actually do with a property. Our past experiences combined with our knowledge of land use law and current trends gives us an edge when discussing the feasibility of a project with our clients. If you are interested in discovering the development potential of a piece of property, looking to create a legacy by setting aside property for conservation, or considering taking a project through the local, state, and federal permit approvals process, contact us at (501) 315-2626 to let our staff help you get started toward achieving your land use goals. We look forward to working with you on your next project!