Hope Consulting has assisted many land owners in creating Subdivisions for their property. Most of the clients we have helped in Subdivision work are the everyday land owners that want to subdivide their property into three to ten lots. We provide a one on one experience in creating a subdivision that best fits the client’s and property needs.

The subdivision process to seek local planning board approval is not a simple undertaking. Providing all Professional Engineering, Professional Land Surveying, and Construction Management Services under one roof will ensure an on-time, highly efficient, and successful project.

First a Conceptual Plan or Layout is prepared, after the review of the local Subdivision and Zoning Ordinance and a compilation of certain key information of the site. Often Soils work for suitable septic sites and Wetland identification is needed during the first step. After the initial review with the local planning board a Preliminary Plan is prepared and submitted. Then a Final Plan is submitted which requires planning board approval, signatures, and recording.