Hope Consulting performs a significant number of Boundary Surveys for people who have inherited lands from their relatives. A need of a survey may be necessary because the new owner does not have a clear understanding as to the land they recently inherited. Some land owners feel a need to have a Boundary Survey of all their properties so their heirs will not have to shoulder this burden. Hope Consulting specializes in these Family and Estate Surveys and can provide the client relief and security in finally knowing the extent of the inherited property, which is extremely important for tax purposes, future improvements or timber harvesting, as well as future sale or division.

Hope Consulting also performs a lot of family divisions for retired folks planning their estates, as well as for parents conveying a lot, or lots, to their children. Family divisions (More about Divisions)are exempt from certain subdivision regulations, provided certain criteria are met. Hope Consulting can help you through this process.

Quite often Family and Estate Surveys consist of multiple parcels of land. The results of Family and Estate Surveys are usually the same as a Boundary Survey. At times the results include more detailed historical information which can sometimes add value to the property and benefit future generations.